How To Store Your Garden Hose

Every garden needs a hose and every hose needs a home. Leaving the hose just lying there on the ground is both unpractical (you'll trip on it a lot) and can actually damage your hose in the long run. There are solutions available for proper storage of the water hose which not only keeps it from wearing and external damage but also keeps it clean and kink-free. Keeping it away from your feet and away from your car tires is just as important as it is to keep it nice and tidy. In this article I'll go over all the options you have when it comes to storing your garden hose and I'll let you choose one based on your needs. Just to get this straight, it can't just lie on the ground, so if you've been doing that, now's the time to stop. Read on and I'll explain exactly why that is and how to store your garden hose.

3 Accessible Ways of Storing Your Hose

Hose Pot

Hose Pot

This is the simplest way to store your garden hose. The hose pot is like a vase, pot, urn, or basket that is decorated and designed to offer protection and store the garden hose when it's not in use.  It looks like one of those vintage tubs you could find in rural places. It does what it's meant for - it keeps the hose nice and compacted, while keeping it kink-free at the same time.The benefit of going with this option is that it's cheap, although its functionality is limited. It's good for smaller hoses and gardens, but if you need a more robust solution, keep reading.

Hose Hanger or Holder 

The hose holder is a structure that holds the hose off the ground. Sounds pretty simple, right? It's common practice to just hang your hose holder on a wall of the house, often near a water-source. These can be home-made or bought at your local store. They're not expensive to buy or make and if you're the creative type, they can take various shapes and sizes. The substances used to make the hose hanger can be plastic, metal, or other materials. The designs vary as well, and it all depends on your taste. Of course, you'll have to coil up the hose by yourself, so if you've got a larger hose, maybe you should look into our next hose storage option. 

Hose Reel

Hose Reel

A hose reel is great solution that helps you both store your hose and control it. It keeps your hose neatly stored, drains it after use and protects it from external factors such as UV rays, wind, rain, frost, etc. Generally, if you have a larger hose, you're going to need a hose reel alongside it. Out of all the options, it's definitely the most expensive one, but once you buy a good hose reel, you're set for a long time. There are different types depending on your needs, so if you're exactly sure what you need, take a look at our article on the best hose reels for your garden. 

Good Practices for Storing Your Garden Hose

Whichever choice you make from the above, be sure to always:

  • Drain excess water from the hose after use
  • Store it away from UV rays (sunlight)
  • Keep it coiled up or fully stretched to prevent it from kinking


Storing your garden hose properly is more important than you think and can easily add years to your its life. If you find yourself buying new hoses often or fixing leaks, there's only two possibilities - either you bought a low quality hose or you don't treat your hose properly. If it's the former, then take a look at our top choices for the best garden hose. The later should be fixed after reading this article and you should have a good idea of how to store your garden hose.