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How To Make Potting Mix

How to Make Potting Mix

The fundamental element of gardening is soil. When it comes to growing healthy plants and herbs, choosing the right soil is always a good start. It’s vital for root growth. Not all soils are created equal, as they all have different components. Each gardener has their own method for ensuring their …

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How to Make A Raised Bed

How To Make A Raised Bed

I love raised beds for several reasons. First of all, we have very poor sandy soil in one of our allotment gardens, which dries out quickly and in which vegetables really don’t grow very well. Autumn is the ideal season to build a raised bed. Today, we’re going to take …

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How to Store Your Garden Hose

How To Store Your Garden Hose

Every garden needs a hose and every hose needs a home. Leaving the hose just lying there on the ground is both unpractical (you’ll trip on it a lot) and can actually damage your hose in the long run. There are solutions available for proper storage of the water hose …

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