Best Plant Grow Bags

Pots and boxes are where the plants are usually kept. Be it Garden4Ever, Nicheo, HYDGOOHO, Vivosun or 247Garden, these plant grow bags are seen to be more popular, since it has quite a lot of advantages. Grow bags are containers that let the plants grow and are extremely durable. It is a versatile tool for the avid gardener.

Plant grow bags are also perfect for cultivating vegetables. They can't be easily broken as compared to pots and are very easy to be carried around. More importantly, the aeration is also best in these types of bags.

Top five plant grow bags

Most of the grow bags can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are a variety of grow bags in accordance with their size and uses as well. You can choose the ideal grow bag in accordance with the plants' condition. 

Here are some of the best plant grow bags available:

1. Garden4Ever 10-Pack 1 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty Container Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Plant Pots with Handles

This grow bag is very durable, and its fabric is also non-woven. Its fabric is completely sturdy and can retain warmth during winter. Whereas, in the summer, it makes the plant cool. The fabric has some form of thickness, and due to its strong stitching, it is easy to move the plant around. 

The fabric is also very breathable, and it can be easily turned without creating any sort of disturbance in the roots. The fabric allows enough space for proper drainage, which is an integral part of the plant. 

As mentioned above, due to the available space, it also provides an excellent flow of air. This will provide an environment for the plants to thrive. If the bags are too compact, it may stunt the growth of the plant and also damage the roots. 

These bags are reusable and environmentally friendly. They can be rolled up and used for several years and can also be washed easily.  Despite frequent movements, it is able to maintain the shape. 

The only disadvantage of this product can be that the handles might be a bit small for some people. Nonetheless, due to its sturdiness, there is some balance that can be acquired even with the help of these handles.



  • The fabric is very lightweight and is very easy to wash as well.
  • It is one of the most durable and reusable grow bags.
  • The fabric is airy, which allows the plant to get enough moisture and air.
  • There are a lot of options in terms of size.
  • The handles can be a bit small for easy movement of the plants.

2. Nicheo 3 Pcs 6.5 Gallon Garden Boxes, Easy to Harvest, Planter Pot with Flap and Handles, Garden Planting Grow Bags for Potato Tomato, and Other Vegetables, Breathable Nonwoven Fabric Cloth

This grow bag is a three-piece set and is the best one to grow vegetables. Its fabrics allow enough circulation of air and also provide proper drainage for the plants. These grow bags are perfect for growing vegetables like carrots, potatoes, onions, and more. 

This bag can be kept either inside or outside. It is preferred for outdoor plantations. Compared to most grow bags for vegetables, this has one of the unique designs. After harvesting a vegetable, it can be reused for a completely different plant or vegetable. 

A unique feature in this particular grow bag is that it has a Velcro view at the bottom. This makes it a lot easier to check the growth of the vegetables. Moreover, the bag can be moved around without damaging the plant or vegetable in any way. 

This particular product is seen to be a premium choice, and there are no drawbacks to this bag as such. However, there aren't enough size options for this bag since it comes in only two sizes, 10 and 6.5 gallons.



  • It is one of the best vegetable grow bags that has premium quality.
  • It also has a unique design of Velcro.
  • The fabrics are airy and provide a lot of space for the plants.
  • There are a limited number of options in terms of the sizes available.

3. HYDGOOHO 2 Gallon Grow Bags for Potato/Strawberry/Plants/Vegetables Black Plant Container/Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles

This grow bag allows space and air circulation to its plants. Although it is seen as an ideal grow bag to grow plants in small spaces, it has the features to allow the growth of various vegetables as well. 

The plants and vegetables can be harvested without any sort of issue in this grow bag. If there are any individuals who would want to start any sort of vegetation in their apartment, this would be the best grow bag. 

An easy and quick garden can be created with the help of this bag. The fabric used also allows for a lesser amount of disturbance and does not disrupt the structure of the root as well.



  • There is enough room for the plants to grow.
  • The handle is flexible and can be rotated according to the conditions of the plant.
  • The best grow bag for a movable garden.
  • Since these are ideal for small spaces, smaller plants won't be able to thrive well if they grow bag is also small in size. Hence, the sizes should be figured out prior.

4. Vivosun 5-Pack 1 Gallon

As compared to other grow bags, this bag has a lot of features, and more importantly, there a variety of size options available. It is the best grow bag at a very affordable price. With such a reasonable price, this bag can also be reused for several years. 

The fabric used is also very durable and avoids excess water from accumulating in the bags, which harms the roots of the plants. 

The only drawback of these bags is that the handles of the bag tend to be a bit weak. While moving the bag, the shape can be changed, which isn't good for the plants. It will put pressure on the plant, and hence, it isn't every ideal to move around the bag too often. 

There are other sizes of this bag, and those do come with better and strong handles, which will be able to carry the entire weight without any movement as such. Most of the bags only have the color option of black, yet it does match pretty well with any d├ęcor, for that matter. 

Regardless, this bag will be able to let any plant or vegetable thrive and is perfect if the plant is to be grown only at one specific place. This is mainly due to its handles, but overall, it has all the best features that the other bags have, which are far more expensive.



  • With the premium quality of the bag, the price is very reasonable.
  • The fabric is durable and can retain enough warmth and water.
  • The handles go a bit deep into the seam, causing the bag to lose shape while moving it. This creates pressure on the roots, which is not good for the plant's growth.

5. 247Garden 5-Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags

There are a variety of grow bags of this particular brand that comes in many sizes. These bags are also made of fabrics that make it easier for the roots to grow and breathe. This is integral for the plant to thrive. 

The overall bag and its handle provides sturdiness and avoids any sort of unnecessary movement in the roots. Due to this reason, the structure of the root improves as well. The fabric makes the plant retain warmth when it's cold and becomes comparatively cooler in hotter seasons. 

This bag suits the plantation of many other vegetables. The bag is always steady in position and hence avoids circular patterns in the roots. Its handles are a bit small, but overall, the features of this bag are all on point.



  • The bag is very sturdy with a firm and strong handles.
  • The fabric is reusable and washable.
  • The fabric can adjust according to the weather conditions suitable for the plants.
  • The handles might be a bit small for some people.


Grow bags has made it easier for gardeners and the like to grow their own plants and vegetables even in small spaces. Using mixing pots can be a bit tedious, especially because for plants, it has to be changed several times. 

In the cases of growing plants, that won't be necessary for most plants. Moreover, some grow bags also have unique designs that allow people to check the fertility and growth of the plants and vegetables. It allows them to check if it is ready to be harvested or not. 

These bags vary in size, colors, and features. Above mentioned are the top five grow bags in accordance to size, durability as well as affordability. Some bags have premium features that are available at very low prices. 

You can choose any of these grow bags based on your preferences and plant conditions. All of them have amazing features made up of the best fabrics for the plants to thrive.