Best Mini Green Houses

The popularity of organics has seen a parabolic rise in the past few years. People have a new found love for growing fresh vegetables in their houses or gardens, using organically sourced materials. But with the urban development in most of the cities, you can barely find fertile land to sow a single seed. The entire concept of a kitchen garden sounds very appealing, but maintaining the same can be a bit tricky.

However, this does not mean that you have to give up on your dream of a lush green garden! For those who face a space crunch but desire to cultivate their own garden, the best way to go about it is by using mini-greenhouses. These adorable greenhouses offer the best way of cultivating a beautiful vegetable garden in your house.

Read on to know more about the best mini-greenhouses suited for your gardening needs.




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1. Outsunny 39” Aluminium Vented Cold Frame Mini
Greenhouse Kit

The Outsunny 39” Aluminium Vented Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse Kit is one of the best mini-greenhouses for the better growth of your plants. This greenhouse is adorably small in size with transparent plastic panels. It maximizes the amount of sunlight reaching your plants. 

The small size of this greenhouse can fit in any corner of your front porch or backyard. The roofs of this greenhouse are adjustable. This allows you to control and maintain appropriate ventilation for your plants. A great feature of this greenhouse is its ability to retain a good amount of heat inside. This helps in achieving desirable conditions for early sprouting and better growth of the plants. 

The entire frame is constructed with aluminum panels, so you don't have to worry about the frame getting rusted. This frame is highly durable and steady, and you won't be left disappointed.



  • Pleasing looks
  • Excellent retention of heat
  • Assembly is cumbersome

2. AMERLIFE Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

The AMERLIFE Mini Walk-in Greenhouse is a great choice for people who are looking for a small yet spacious place for their plants. If you have a lot of pots, growing various vegetables, herbs, and flowers, you must consider investing in this fabulous walk-in greenhouse. 

The height of this greenhouse is high enough to let you walk-in with ease. It has three tiers with eight shelves, providing you ample space to grow healthy and green plants. The construction of this greenhouse contains lightweight steel. The frame is connected with winding ropes that let you control the ventilation with ease. 

The lightweight frame makes this greenhouse easy to assemble and work with. However, it does hike up the price a bit. 



  • Walk-in access
  • Multiple shelves
  • No manual to support the assembly
  • Shelves can hold only up to 33 lbs

3. Tangyuan Pop up Mini Greenhouse

The Tangyuan Pop up Mini Greenhouse is one unique greenhouse that you can install in your house. This cute little greenhouse is perfect for those gardening enthusiasts who find it difficult to search for space to grow their greens. 

This greenhouse comes with a PVC cover. The PVC covering gives the greenhouse a very lightweight structure. It also helps in retaining the appropriate amount of heat necessary for healthy plant growth. The inside temperature will always stay maintained, making it suitable for the plant to flourish. 

The assembly of this greenhouse is very convenient. All you are required to do is place it outside the carrier, and it pops up to take shape automatically. You cannot find an assembly as simple as this one!

One problem that you might face with this greenhouse is excess heat retention. Because of the small size, the inside can get very hot, which can be damaging for the plants. However, the same can be maintained by keeping the door open to allow ventilation.



  • Super easy assembly
  • No storage hassles
  • Limited space, can house only one to two plants
  • It can get very hot inside

4. Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse

The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is another great mini-greenhouse model with shelves for better organization of your plants. If you are someone who likes to keep your herbs, vegetables, and flowers separate and well spread out, this is the model for you. This greenhouse has ample space to store multiple pots and won't consume a lot of ground as well. 

You can place it at one corner of your house porch or use it as a plant display in your garden. It comes with a PU covering, which is very sturdy and durable. It is strong enough to protect the plants in bad weather conditions. All you need to do is just zip it up. 

The shelves are made with steel wire and are quite heavy-duty. It maintains the appropriate conditions in terms of temperature and humidity required for the speedy and healthy growth of your plants. Even the assembly of this greenhouse is a cakewalk as you won’t require any tools to do the work.



  • Waterproof covering
  • Ultimate UV protection
  • Stability is questionable
  • Shelves can only hold up to 23 lbs 

5. Gardman 4-tier Mini Greenhouse

The Gardman 4-tier Mini Greenhouse is a great mini greenhouse that just blends into your house. It can be set up anywhere, be it your deck, the patio, balcony, or even inside the house. It has an aesthetically pleasing look that mingles well with the things around it. 

The assembly process of this greenhouse is quite simple. It has a tubular frame with a  push-fit mechanism that gains structure with ease. You aren’t required to get all geared up as it doesn't need any tools. Cleaning the cover is also easy, it can be removed completely and cleaned separately. 

The stability of the verticle shelves is questionable, so you might want to secure them with some additional reinforcements. It maintains the perfect temperature and humidity conditions inside that allow your plants to bloom and growth happily. You will be able to see a noticeable surge in the growth of seeds and saplings after you house them in this amazing greenhouse.



  • Simple and convenient assembly
  • Durable plastic covering
  • Not very stable

6. Outsunny 5.9’ L x 3.0’ W x 3.0’ H Portable Mini Greenhouse

Up next is one of the most spacious mini-greenhouses out there in the market. The Outsunny 5.9’ L x 3.0’ W x 3.0’ H Portable Mini Greenhouse offers you two zipper doors as well. 

Have you ever experiences space problems for a particular plant over time? Just like humans, the structure and size of some plants expand as the years pass by. But that does not mean you need to invest in a different greenhouse every upcoming year! Not only would that be unreasonable, but also unaffordable for many.

That is precisely one of the major advantages offered by this mini greenhouse. It holds an unbeatable capacity to grow plants of several sizes. What’s more, is that this garden planter is spacious enough to fit the year-round growth of your plants.

The mentioned zipper doors are large enough to facilitate proper air circulation. Your access to the plants and their pots also becomes much more convenient and easier. Especially given its height, you could even try growing tomato plants!



  • Tubing: high-quality steel
  • Air circulation and ventilation
  • PE covering: anti-UV rays
  • You will need to bury it for stability

7. AMERLIFE 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Just like a few others mentioned above, the AMERLIFE 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse also offers a UV-resistant cover. So, if you have less ground space and want to fit in a mini greenhouse there, this is a great option. As specified, it offers you four tiers for planting herbs, flowers, or what have you.

Do you have a rather droughty hallway or balcony that you want to utilize? The four-tiered mini greenhouse will be ideal for such locations as well. Not only will it help you maximize your planting space, but it also cut down on your footprint.

Additionally, you could use AMERLIFE 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse for succulents. You can access them by rolling the door upwards. If you plan on keeping it outside, it will also keep the plants protected from harsh winds and rainfalls.



  • Ideal for droughty hallways and balconies
  • It cuts down propagation and footprint
  • Plastic fittings: not the best quality
  • Might collapse without sturdy wind-ropes

8. Flower House PlantHouse 2 Pop-Up Plant House

Do you live in a cold area but still want to make an informed-decision investing in a mini greenhouse? Well, do not bother to look any further! The Flower House PlantHouse 2 Pop-Up Plant House is one of the best options for your situation.

This mini greenhouse will keep your flowers and veggies safe, warm, and protected during the winter season. Moreover, it can also be relocated from one place to another with the utmost ease. You will get a specific carrying case along with it, so you can pack it up during the off-seasons. 

You might have already guessed how easy the greenhouse must be to clean. As long as you use a low-pressure water-spray with mild dish soap, you are good to go.



  • The self-deploying mechanism for set up
  • Carrying case: makes it easy to port and clean
  • Not very spacious
  • The zipper might be problematic

9. FDW Greenhouse for Outdoors Plastic Mini Greenhouse Kit

Next on the list is yet another walk-in mini greenhouse. But that is not the only plus point of this greenhouse! The FDW Greenhouse for Outdoors Plastic Mini Greenhouse Kit is as spacious as it can get. 

If growing your vegetables and fruits interests you, go for it! It allows you enough space and ventilation for a large variety of plants. That said, you should invest in it only if you have enough space available with you. 

In case you prefer the element of extra stability, you have the option to anchor it as well. You can use the four wind-ropes that this greenhouse kit offers. The spikes that go into the ground are also a part of it.



  • Walk-in feature
  • Offers you free-shipping
  • Ideal for lighter plants only
  • PVC cover: might tear up in a couple of years

10. TOOCA Mini Greenhouse

If you are a sucker for adorable little greenhouses, it is time you get ready for the next one. The Tooca mini-greenhouse is one of the cutest planting-spaces that fall within the affordable range of price too. 

Extending the growing season for plants such as bush beans and leeks will be a cup of tea for you. However, you might want to note that the covers do not reach completely t the ground. Space is provided for better ventilation. But if you have restless pets at your home, you might want to avoid it. 

Along similar lines, if you plan on placing it outside, you will need protection from critters. If the case sounds like yours, do not be disheartened. You can always bury it sturdily in the ground with ropes and spikes. As an added advantage, it will also increase the stability of your greenhouse. 



  • Very affordable
  • Ideal if you have raised beds
  • The side-covers do not reach completely to the ground
  • Pets and critters could get in through the lower spaces and gaps
  • You will need to burry it for stability

11. Gosunny 4-Anchors Include Walk-in Greenhouse

If you liked one of the AMERLIFE Mini Walk-in Greenhouses, here is another alternative for you. The Gosunny 4-Anchors Include Walk-in Greenhouse comes with a totality of 12 shelves. You would like the fact that all of these shelves are wired, and therefore, are sturdy. 

Are you planning on placing multiple varieties of plants in your mini greenhouse? Needless to say that the number of planting trays available in this product will facilitate that. Moreover, it also comes with a roll-up door, which is easy to use even when you have busy hands. 

You would also find it interesting that the middle section is generous enough for you to stand there. The whole point of a walk-in mini greenhouse is to save space while also allowing you to explore clearly. So, if you think that the plants on the lowest tray might not get enough attention, worry not!



  • Spacious walk-in design
  • The numerous shelvings and planting trays
  • Might need bricks for extra stability
  • The cover might tear open in case of harsh winds

12. Outsunny 51" Aluminum Vented Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse Kit

Up next, you have the Outsunny 51" Aluminum Vented Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse Kit. As you might have observed, a lot of the above products are exceptional until they lack a durable cover. However, one of the reasons why it makes it to the list is because of the reinforced plastic covers. Naturally, it makes your mini greenhouse a lot more durable than others.

Do you stay in regions where the temperature drops a little too low for the plants? In that case, this could serve as one of the best options for you because of the heat it can trap inside. Your plants will require this, especially when the days post mid-fall approach.

The best part is that you could even fit this mini greenhouse on your balcony! It offers a roof, which will also help you keep the birds and insects off your plants.



  • Protection from UV rays: 30+
  • Especially ideal for cold weathered areas
  • Accessing plants is easier
  • Hardware: anti-resistant
  • Set up is manual: can be difficult
  • Parts of the greenhouse are not labeled 

13. Mini Pop up Greenhouse Small Indoor Outdoor Gardening

Are you only just getting into the activity of gardening in a greenhouse? You might want to begin with one plant at a time. The option is also ideal if you are a working individual who does not have a lot of time for taking care of multiple plants. 

So, just like the Tangyuan Pop up Mini Greenhouse, you have the said as an alternative too. This Mini Pop up Greenhouse Small Indoor Outdoor Gardening is self-explanatory in its name. Whether you want to place it inside or outside your living spaces, the mini pop-up greenhouse is ideal. 

It is especially suitable if you want to plant just one type of shrub or so. Its mechanism is such that it helps you maintain high humidity levels. These conditions serve imperative, specifically when the seed is only just beginning to sprout.



  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Self-deploying mechanism
  • Easy to use, maintain, and clean
  • Very affordable for its type
  • Not as durable as other alternatives
  • The zipper might start to malfunction if used roughly


Ever wonder why so many gardeners keep digging up ways to experiment and play around with their plants? Well, when you invest your time in activities like gardening, you too will realize how interesting it actually is!

One of the major bonuses is that you are making an informed decision to keep a check on your footprint. With mini-greenhouses, you can be self-sufficient, to awoke citizens, to a busy body. On those bases, you can never go wrong with any of the above mini-greenhouse alternatives!