Best Indoor Hydroponic Garden Kit

Herbs add in the extra zest to your everyday recipes, store-bought herbs can never outplay the smell of freshly picked mint in your lemonade, the sweetness your home-grown basil adds to your tomato sauce, or the flavors straight off the stem tarragon brings out in your plain old chicken salad. All this sounds tempting, but growing your own herbs indoors might be quite intimidating, especially if you’re not endowed with a green thumb, but do not fret! Because we have the perfect solution where all you need to do is sit back and yield all the benefits from an Indoor Hydroponic Herb garden.

Hydroponics is a type of horticulture through which you can grow a variety of greens. A hydroponic garden grows without the soil, mostly in water with its roots hanging in the water with a perfect pH and adequate nutrients.  Hydroponic plants yield way more than average soil-grown plants, so it has increasingly become popular amongst the users. Several competitive companies have designed these indoor Hydroponic garden systems with built-in LED lights that eliminate consistent sunlight. Some have self-watering properties, and others come with premade nutrient waters.




Where To Buy

AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Best Overall Hydroponic Garden

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden

Best Lightweight Hydroponic Garden

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden

Best Budget Hydroponic Garden

GrowLED 10-Pod Indoor Garden Germination Kit

Best User-Friendly Hydroponic Garden

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Best LED Light System Hydroponic Garden

Best Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden - Product Review

After searching through all the renowned sites, we have managed to compile an overview of seven top Hydroponic Herb Gardens that come up to the par through analysis.

1. AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Aerogarden manufactures many indoor gardens, but this is the most sought-after Indoor hydroponic garden for its numerous user-friendly features. The 6-pod Harvest garden comes with an herb seed kit consisting of six pods, including Curly Parsley, Thai Basil, Dill, Thyme, Genovese Basil, and mint.

This product's sleek design occupies minimum space on your countertop and yields fresh herbs in no time with very little effort. All that's needs to be done is fill the Herb garden with clean water, plop in the provided premade seed pods, and add an adequate amount of organic plant nutrients that are ample for the entire growing season. After these initial steps, the Aerogarden harvest takes care of the rest.

Not to forget, its built-in sensors remind you when to add water or the nutrients and turn on and off the LED lights as required, which eliminates the need to conjecture, adding to the convenience of growing indoor herbs.



  • 20watt LED lights revs up the photosynthesis
  • Does not require pesticides or herbicides
  • Access to all kinds of herbs despite the season
  • Beginners friendly
  • Herbs are grown faster in water and plant food
  • LED may be too bright for some peoples to taste
  • Tall grown herbs may get burnt if they came in contact with the light.

2. Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden

For all those with a mind like a sieve, this Indoor herb garden by Click and Grow is a perfect solution. If you have killed several plants before by forgetting to water your plants on time, this product has got your back, with its big self-watering reservoir. All you need to do is; pour the water into the small hole in the base, and it waters itself accordingly; the water then needs to be re-filled after several weeks, only when notified. 

Moreover, the founder came up with the new "smart soil" technology inspired by NASA; it dispenses nutrients corresponding to the plant's life cycle. Also, this soil balances its own pH value and ensures a free flow of oxygen even when the soil is fully saturated.

This Herb garden is also quite energy-efficient since it uses only around six watts of energy, which does not fall heavy on your pocket. Also, it's a great option for those who live in places where the sun barely shines; its effective led system provides consistent lights that accelerate the herbs' growth.



  • You can extend the light pole according to the plant's height
  • Choose amongst the wide variety of plant pods
  • Can transplant the herbs to other planting pots
  • Portable and lightweight frame
  • Pods come with name tabs to mark your herbs
  • Opening to the water reservoir is too small
  • Replacement pods are not cost-effective

3. iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden

Now you can grow endless herbs and vegetables with no time and weather limitation; this germination kit has seven pods that allow you to grow up to seven plants at a time.

This hydroponics garden system stands out for its various purposive features. It has three smart modes for different stages of growth. Initially, you set off with the normal mode with an illumination period of 14 hours per day and is suitable for germination of the seeds blooming and viewing. The growth mode's illumination period is 12 hours per day and is suitable for the germination and viewing stage. Lastly, the enjoy mode has an automatic illumination period of 12 hours cycle suitable for all three stages. For people who have this kit in their rooms and are light sleepers, there is an additional night mode where you can enjoy your deep sleep with dim lights and without the obstruction of the pump's noise.

Also, their water circulation system needs attention to be brought to; this system boosts oxygen production in the water. Consequently, the nutrients grow efficiently in it that accelerates photosynthesis, and eventually grows your herbs effectively.



  • Extendable rods ensure optimum light coverage at different stages
  • Built-in alarm notifies low water levels
  • Full-spectrum LED lighting system for different levels of growth
  • Reasonably priced germination kit
  • User-friendly assembly
  • Requires purified water

4. GrowLED 10-Pod Indoor Garden Germination Kit

This Indoor Herb Garden compromises all the features of an adequate Hydroponic Garden system. It offers smart soil that comes pre-integrated with nutrients needed by the soil to grow plants; hence there is no need to buy an extra plant. To further improve the efficiency of the growth of your herbs, GrowLED has included full-spectrum white light. This light is adjustable and ensures that a sufficient amount of light reaches the pods at different growth stages.

Furthermore, if you have a busy schedule and cannot tend to the herb garden often, you don’t need to worry about your herbs withering off. This Hydroponic garden has a smart mode where the LED light automatically stays on for sixteen hours and then off for the rest of eight hours, and the water-level indicator notifies you as to when and how much water needs to be filled.



  • White light is an appropriate choice for indoors
  • Sleek design doubles as indoor decoration
  •  Sleek and portable structure lets you place in any corner of the house
  • The easy three-step installation makes it user-friendly
  • The plastic domes do not fasten to the seed pods

5. Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

This indoor starter kit uses planting seed pots made out of Biochar mud, the no soil technology, protects your herb garden from soil contamination, pesticide silt, or any mess left by soil. Also, it has an automatic control panel that controls the LED lights; they turn off after eighteen hours of usage and then on for the rest of six hours, continuing the cycle every day. This ensures that your herbs get the acquired amount of exposure to the light for maximum growth. The efficient 22 watt Led lights are custom-tuned to a particular spectrum essential for growing your greens. This blend of LED lights adds to boosting photosynthesis without the requirement of consistent exposure to sunlight.

Moreover, this kit comes geared with a built-in fan and water pump; on top of this system imitates a natural breeze, which helps the herbs grow effectively. The water pump inside the tank enables the circulation of water, oxygen, and nutrients to every inch of the roots. This promotes faster growth than in ordinary soil. Once you get this Indoor Herb garden, you can enjoy its produce all year long despite the season.



  • Allows you to plants up-to 12 different  plants at once
  • The light post extends up-to 11.2 inches
  • The Control panel is untroublesome
  • Two separate modes for leafy vegetable and fruiting plants
  • Seeds need to be bought separately.

6. Gardyn Home Indoor Smart Garden

Gardyn claims that this indoor Hydroponic Garden is parallel to a farmer's market at home; rightly so, this unit is more than a mere herb garden; standing at a 60-inch height, it yields almost thirty different fresh leafy greens at once, ample enough to feed an entire family. 

Once assembled, all you need to do is insert the thirty yCubes in your smart garden and forget about the rest. This unit comes geared up with sensors that detect moisture levels and lights of your space and then adjust the schedule of light and water accordingly; this takes your responsibility of watering your plants daily. Moreover, this Herb garden is synched with its own app powered by Kelby, which notifies you when it's time to re-water snip or yield your fresh produce. It also keeps you updated about the growth even when you're away for holidays so that you can enjoy organic produce on your return. The Gardyn doesn't occupy a lot of space, covering only two square feet; the sleek minimal design blends well with the modern interiors of your house.



  • Easy assembling of the product
  • The app recommends new tips and ideas for a better experience
  • Doubles as an interior accessory
  • yCubes can be ordered online through the Kelby app
  • Beginners may find it difficult to maintain

7. Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Water Garden

This water garden is made to our list for its fun and innovative idea. This product enables you to grow plants from your aquarium for ten days. There is a fish tank aquarium on the bottom, and attached above is a water garden. Both units are dependent on each other; the top garden cleans the water for the fish, and the fertilizer produced by its waste nourishes the plants above.

This product comes with a few additions that can help boost production. The Organic Micro-seeds are a perfect option for beginners; these are fast-growing and healthy micro-greens that will get your hydroponic adventure started. The D-Klor eliminates chlorine from the water, and the Zym-Bac starts the nutrient cycle that maintains healthy levels of ammonia and nitrite in the water. Lastly, the Grow stones are a foolproof growing medium for your greens to access the nutrients and water from your self-created ecosystem.



  • Makes a perfect learning gift for kids
  • The fish tank can be customized according to your taste
  • Do not need to clean the tank as often
  • Capacity to fill up to three gallons of water
  • Installation of additional heater for fish

Factors to Consider before Buying Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden


When browsing, make sure to note the unit’s accurate dimensions and correlate them to the space you plan to place the Herb Garden. Hydroponic Gardens come in various sizes; some are light and small enough to sit on your windowsill, some are quite tall and stand tall on your floors, and you can keep those with led lights on countertops, or if you enjoy the greenery, you may even place it in your bedside. Also, keep in mind that the garden might grow extra height if you plan on growing tall plants.


Some Hydroponic Gardens are geared up with alarms, notification bars, and indicators on a panel; this helps you keep notified of when to add water or nutrients to the system, eliminating the guesswork.


Some Herb Gardens are relatively easier to assemble than the others; go through the directions and manual before-hand.

Synched Applications

Certain Hydrophonic Herb Gardens have their personal customized applications, which update you with your herb garden's progress all the time. This feature is especially useful if you stay out of your house a lot.

Summing Up

Gardening does not get easier than this! With a Hydroponic system, the beginners can dip their toes (or thumb) into the world of Indoor Gardening. You do not need to worry about watering your plants, adding fertilizers, or placing your plants under sunlight anymore. With the options mentioned above, you ought to find the perfect Hydroponic Herb Garden that fits your bill. With little effort and some investment, you can enjoy the yields of your own home-grown herbs and finally enjoy fresh mint in your lemonade.